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Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

145, Avenue James Cook - BP R4 98 851 -
Nouméa Cedex
Nouvelle Calédonie

Phone :    +687  29 02 67
Office:       S19
E-mail:    renaud.leplaideur[at]unc.nc
www:        http://rleplaideur.perso.math.cnrs.fr

Quelques photos de moi : moi1, moi2, moi2, moi4.


I am working on smooth ergodic theory for hyperbolic dynamical systems. My main interests are

  1.  constructing equilibrium states for dynamical systems,
  2. studying zero temperature phenomena.

Keywords :  dynamical systems, ergodic theory, equilibrium states, Gibbs measures, ergodic optimization.


Find here a   CV  (June 2018)

International activities

I like conferences in Brazil.

  1. I have lead the European Irses program DynEurBraz.
  2. I habe been scientific coordinator for CNRS for the European Irses program BREUDS.
  3. Coordinator for Capes-Cafecub Program TPTZ 2013-2016.
  4. In 2014 I was the scientific coordinator for the CIMPA school at Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal. Notes are here.
  5. I am the scientific coordinator for the CIMPA school DaDyBio to be held at Dacca University in June 2019.

More information on international activities (visits and invitations) here.



Cours de Topologie 2 2019 pour les L2 et L3-transitoire (Version provisoire du 4 mars 2019).
Cours d'analyse 5 pour les L3. (Version provisoire du 4 mars 2019).